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Updated: December 26, 2001 Created: February 09, 2000

ok.... I'm still adding and subtracting links, and I'm going to work a bit on some of the pics I've neglected to put up in the past. It's slow going, but I'm getting things worked out!!

When I first began exercising in March of 1999, my goal was specifically to lose weight. As a means to speed up this process as well as to add tone, I decided to work in some weight training . I quickly discovered that gains in strength and muscularity came to me naturally... and quickly!  In August of 1999, I joined my first gym to see where I could take my "natural" gift!  After a short duration at that gym, realized that I was beginning to outgrow the equipment there and was maxing out on several machines while coming close on the others.

In October of 1999, I joined Powerhouse Gym, which is where I can be found Monday through Friday in the evenings after work for 2 hours (at least). This is an ideal place for me because they have all the equipment a "natural" like me needs to keep growing... I just hope I don't outgrow this gym too!!!

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