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My name is Gail Y. T.  Most of you know me as "Gaily", I go by that name because I'm one of the lucky people that has a middle initial that goes perfectly with my first name when tacked onto the end!

I've been lifting weights for nearly a year now (started in March of 1999) and it has become an enjoyable and essential part of my life.  At first I lifted weights as a means to hurry along weight loss and to some tone to my body, however, as soon as I noticed that I was developing muscles, I became intrigued.  Soon thereafter my intrigue turned into interest and now I've grown to love having muscles and aspire to make them as big and strong as they can possibly grow!

As a woman who lifts weights for size and strength gains, I've heard the comments from other women that "they don't want to get that big."  Hearing things like that serve to add to my motivation rather than undermine my ultimate objective.  Having been a couch potato for the majority of my life and now having people say that I'm "too big" is something I can't hear enough... I've worked hard to build this body and I'm just happy that people are taking notice of my hard work.  Hearing that I'm too big lets me know that I'm taking my strength and muscularity in the right direction and to the heights that I desire!

Beyond lifting weights and building muscle I do have other interests....I enjoy doing crafts, especially needlepoint.  I also enjoy reading (mostly British literature). One other thing that I really enjoy doing is crossword puzzles... If anyone ever meets me, chances are I'll be doing one of these things... to completion I must add!

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