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Muscle Links: Looking for ideas, inspiration, advice or just plain muscular/strong women?

Here are a few that I often browse:

MAK's Female Muscle Stories A small online paradise for the femuscle fan. Definitely worth checking out!
Diana The Valkyrie This site has it all for femuscle admirers: pictures, stories, video clips and so much more.
Muscles of DeeKay This has got to be one of the most extensive links for muscular women.
The Valkyries They have an awesome array of T-shirts. I've ordered several of them!!
Powerlifting and Physique Page For the serious lifter in all of us.
Femalemuscle -Lori Braun's Site It has it all! Tips, pictures, links and inspirational stories.
WeightsNet A good weightlifting web link page.
Women's Weightlifting Links 'n Lessons a good page for the beginning female lifter
Mass Builder's Website A nice place to buy supplements and equipment.
Musclebodz Now this looks like a promising site, however, it's not on line at the moment.
FemSport An excellent site celebrating the athletic female.
Femflex Productions FemSport's newest site, check it out!
TomNine A DtV chat room friend, primarily a m/f wrestling page but the man does have some excellent links.
Boomers Celeb Flexin' Another DtV chat friend, an expert at capturing video clips of female flexes (big or small), he loves 'em all!
Armfan An extensive collection of flexing females.
C-P's World of Muscle Another chat friend. Check out his wife Marilyn, she's awesome!
Sheila Burgess' Official Web Site A lady whose physique is eclipsed only by her wonderful personality
Sportpharma This is the brand of protein drink that I have chosen... it is actually good!
Kat's Mixed Wrestling The little sister of two older brothers is now ready to even the odds between men and women.
Julia R Santana - The Powerlifting Goddess A Californian powerlifting lady... Gaily's "favorite red-headed powerlifter and matron of honor"
Lori Karl's Web Page She's new to lifting weights, but
you can see that she's taken to it quite well!
Scotia's Art Gallery One of the illustrators from the Diana the Valkyrie site.... his illustrations are quite detailed and nicely done!

Non-Muscle Links: Sites that show the other side of me. Hey, I'm not always at the gym!!

Trek Alliance This is a good place for various items for health and well being. If you order something from there, do mention our ID number (180118).
Signals A public television store, a lot of cool things there.
Amazon One of the coolest on-line bookstores.
Borders An excellent bookstore that I can frequently be found in.
The On Line Books Page A site recommended to me by a chat room friend. Go here to find a "virtual" library of texts.
Aleenes Hey, I am a crafter and this is the grand dame of crafting!!
Art.Com Some excellent pieces of art here. I like to use them as a desktop.
Counted Cross Stitch Needework and Stitchery An excellent cross stitch page: links, stories, patterns, stores... you get the idea!
Craft Planet All crafts...all the time!
Sonicnet.Com A very nice music site!

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